Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

The allows you to delay theMa-baker Pro
completion of your bread by up to 15 hours, so
you can wake up to the smell of freshly baked
bread, or go out for the day while your
Ma-baker Pro does all the work.
Note: Do not use the Time Delay when the recipe
has perishable ingredients such as milk, eggs or
cheese, as these may spoil.
1. Follow steps 1 through to 4 on page 14.
2. Press theDELAY (+/-) button until you reach the
number of hours and minutes that you want
your bread to be ready.
3. Press theSTART/PAUSE button to begin the
cycle. The Timer will start counting down and
the Pre-Heat indicator will flash. The bread will
be cooked and ready in the hours and minutes
displayed on the LCD window.
Note: If you make a mistake, or need to reset the
Timer, press the START/PAUSE button for
2-3 seconds.
Before leaving for work at 8am, you decide to
set the Time Delay so that the bread or selected
program will be ready and completed by 6pm
when you return home - which is 10 hours later.
After following instruction 1 above, press the
DELAY +/- ( / ) button until the display reads
10.00. Then press START.
This tells you that your bread or selected program
will be complete in 10 hours.
The will begin countingMa-baker Pro
down and your selected program will be
complete by 6pm.
Note: You do not need to take into account the
amount of time required to cook the program
selected. This is automatically registered in the
Ma-baker Pro when it is selected.
How to use the Time Delay.
Your features a 10-30 minuteMa-baker Pro
Power Interruption Protection that protects the
program memory in the advent of a black out or
power surge.
This means that if there is a power interruption
during your bread making, the machine will retain
its memory for at least 10 minutes and continue
cooking when the power supply returns. This
feature is applicable whether the machine is in the
Kneading, Baking, Rising or Delay cycle.
Without this feature the machine would reset and
the breadmaking cycle would stop.
If you experience a power failure greater than 10
minutes you may need to discard your ingredients
and start again.
Note: When the power fails the LCD screen may stay
visable for some minutes and then fade out. This
does not mean that your program has been lost.
Power Interruption Program Protection.
Kneading 10 minutes
Baking 10 minutes
Rising 10 minutes
Delay 30 minutes