Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

Before cleaning the , unplugMa-baker Pro
it from the power outlet and allow it to cool
To clean the exterior
Wipe exterior with a slightly dampened cloth and
polish with a soft dry cloth.
Do not use metal scourers or abrasives as this may
scratch the exterior surface.
To clean the non-stick baking pan
Wipe baking pan and kneading blade with a damp
cloth and dry thoroughly. Do not use any harsh
abrasives or strong household cleaners as these
may damage the non-stick surface.
Avoid immersing the bread pan in water. However
if necessary, gently wash bread pan in warm soapy
water using a soft cloth.
Note: Your kneading blade has been fixed
permanently to your baking pan.
Caring for your non-stick baking pan.
Do not use metal utensils to remove ingredients or
bread, as they may damage the non-stick coating.
Do not be concerned if the non-stick coating wears
off or changes colour over time. This is a result
of steam, moisture, food acids, mixing of various
ingredients and normal wear and tear. This is in no
way harmful and does not affect the performance
of your Ma-baker Pro
Do not wash any part of your breadmaker in a
Do not immerse the Ma- baker Pro in water.
Remove and clean lid
To remove lid, raise the lid to approximately a 45°
position and simply slide the lid toward you.
Wipe interior and exterior of lid with a damp cloth
and dry thoroughly before replacing lid.
Make sure the is completelyMa-baker Pro
cool and dry before storing.
Store your with theMa-baker Pro
lid closed and do not place heavy objects
on top of the lid.
Care and Cleaning.