Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

Questions & Answers.
Do I have to leave the bread in for
No. This feature circulates warm air for the time
indicated to maintain the crisp baked crust and
shape of your loaf. You can remove the bread
anytime after baking has completed.
Sometimes my bread does
not rise, why?
This could be simply because you forgot to put
the yeast in. The yeast may be out of date or
just didn’t ferment. Other causes could be mis-
measurement of ingredients or hot water being
The freshness of ingredients and correct
measuring techniques are essential for successful
Can I use the delay function anytime?
The delay program can be preset to have your
bread ready in up to 15 hours. Set it before you go
to work or bed, so that you have hot fresh bread
when you want it.
Be aware that some recipes are unsuitable for
the delay function as they contain perishable
ingredients that may spoil, such as milk, eggs,
yogurt, cheese or meat.
the keep warm?