Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

Before using your Ma-baker Pro
for the first time
We recommend that you remove the baking pan
(instructions to do so are explained below) and
wipe over the bread pan and kneading blade with
a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.
Do not immerse the bread pan in water unless
necessary. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners
as they may damage the non-stick surface. Do
not place any parts of your breadmaker in the
Removing the baking pan.
Open the lid of your Ma-baker Pro and
remove the baking pan by taking hold of the
baking pan handle and lifting it straight up.
It is a good idea to remove the baking pan before
adding ingredients so that no ingredients are spilt
into the baking chamber and onto the element.
Adding Ingredients
We recommend that you add the ingredients into
the bread pan in the order listed. All ingredients
should be at room temperature and measured
Replacing the baking pan
To return the baking pan to the baking chamber
simply position the baking pan into the baking
chamber and push down until it slots into position.
Lay the handle flat toward the side of the bread
Close the lid securely, plug the machine into
a 230-240 volt AC power outlet and turn
the power ON.
Note: When the machine is first plugged in,
the LCD window will beep and flash “0.00”
until a program is selected.
Using your Ma-baker Pr.o