Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

You are just a few easy steps away from
experiencing the aroma of fresh bread baking in
your new Mellerware Ma-baker Pro.
We at Mellerware understand the busy lifestyles that
we live today and that’s why when developing the
Mellerware Ma-baker Pro we made baking a loaf of
bread as easy as 1, 2, 3 - or for those with a little
more time can use the advanced technology to
create their own favourite recipes.
The features the latestMellerware Ma-baker Pro
technology and is leading breadmakers into the
new Millennium. The advanced technology of
the Ma-baker Pro ensures that your breadmaker is
easy to use, fully programmable and has a Baking
Progress Monitor, so that you know exactly what
stage your machine is at in the bread making
The has been designedMellerware Ma-baker Pro
with a true Gluten Free Recipe. Specific program
modifications have been developed to ensure that your
Mellerware Ma-baker Pro will allow those with Gluten
intollerances, to bake successful Gluten Free
recipes. The Gluten Free preset menu also acts as
the basis for a Yeast Free recipe.
With your you have 76 bakingMa-baker Pro
and dough options including your Basic White,
Gluten/Yeast Free, Whole Wheat, Sweet, French,
Damper, Pizza & Pasta dough and it even creates
delicious fresh jam that tastes great on a freshly
baked damper loaf.
You have a choice of 4 traditional horizontal loaf
sizes from 750g up to a 1.5kg loaf and a choice of
3 crust settings to suit any size family and appetite.
Baking with your is so easy toMa-baker Pro
do and with the 15 hour pre-set timer you can set
it the night before and wake up to a freshly baked
Before you start, we suggest that you read this
booklet to ensure that you achieve the best results
from your .Ma-baker Pro
We’ve done everything we can do to make bread
baking a breeze, but if you have any concerns
regarding the performance and use of your
breadmaker, please call:
Mellerware Customer Service (Share call)
0860 111 5006
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