Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

Your has an automatic FruitMa-baker Pro
& Nut dispenser which automatically releases dry
ingredients into the dough during the kneading
cycle. This will occur approximately 8 minutes
before the completion of knead 2, ensuring that
the dried fruits & nuts are not crushed and the
pieces remain whole and are evenly dispersed.
The capacity of the fruit & nut dispenser is 1 cup
of dry ingredients and is an available option on
all menu settings but we recommend use only on
the Basic (1), Gluten/Yeast Free (3), Wheat (4) and
Sweet Bread (5).
The Fruit & Nut dispenser is yet another feature of
your , which was designed for,Ma-baker Pro
added convenience to you, taking the guess-work
out of recipes.
Fruit and Nut Dispenser.
Mixing, Kneading, Rising, Baking.... Here’s
a glimpse of how your Mellerware.
Ma-baker Pro automatically does all the steps
for you.
Mixing and kneading
In standard bread baking, the baker mixes the
ingredients first by stirring, then by kneading the
dough by hand. The mixesMa-baker Pro
and kneads the dough automatically for you.
When making bread by hand, the dough is placed
in a warm place to rise after mixing, so that the
yeast can ferment and produce gas. After mixing
the dough, the baker maintains the
optimum temperature for rising during this part of
the process.
If you are using the Dough Only cycle, the
baker will stop at the end of the
first rising. The dough can now be removed and
shaped - focaccia, pizza or any other creations, and
placed in your own oven for baking.
Knock Down
Once the dough has risen, the baker will typically
“knock down” the dough. This process helps to
break apart large, unwanted pockets of air and
gas that have developed through rising, giving
the bread a more even and appetising texture.
The handles this processMa-baker Pro
automatically for you by turning on the kneading
blade for just the right amount of time.
Second Rise
After it is knocked down, the bread bounces
back, it rises a second time. Some breads require
shorter or longer rising times. For example,
wheat breads require a long rising time because
the flour contains bran and wheat germ which
inhibits rising. The regulatesMa-baker Pro
the temperature and timing of this second rise
automatically for you based on your selection.
The automatically regulatesMa-baker Pro
baking time and temperature for perfect results
every time!
In standard baking, the baker removes the bread
from the pan immediately to keep the crust from
turning soggy. However the Ma-baker Pro
has a 60 minute keep warm feature which helps
remove the hot air from the baking chamber
after the bread is done. This keeps the crust from
getting soggy. After removing the bread leave to
cool for at least 15 minutes before slicing.
Fruit and Nut Despenser
The Baking Process.