Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

Programming your Ma-baker Pro - cont
4. Once you have finished programming, you can
either save your recipe now, by simply pressing
the SAVE button, the BOOK icon ( ) will stop
flashing and the control panel will beep 3 times.
Your recipe has now been saved into one of the
8 Favourite Recipe slots.
You can test your recipe first, without yet saving it
by simply pressing START. If you then want to save
the recipe you must ensure that you press SAVE
before the end of the KEEP WARM ( ) mode.
Note: You can not save the recipe once the
Keep Warm cycle is complete.
5. To cancel the programming process at any stage
simple press the CANCEL button.
Reprogramming a Favourite Recipe
You can make changes to, or replace any of your
saved Favourite Recipes at any time.
1. Select the recipe you wish to modify by pressing
the BOOK icon ( ) button. This will allow
you to scroll through Favourite Recipes
(1) to (8).
2. To commence programming press the MODIFY
button for 2 seconds.
stage of the breadmaking cycle - Preheat ( )
will flash.
You can now follow the instructions as given in
the programming section, steps 3 - 5.
Modifying Recipes During the
Baking Process
The advanced technology in this breadmaker
allows you complete baking freedom. You may
even modify a recipe as it cooks. Simply push the
MODIFY button, this will pause the machine, and
use the +/- ( / ) buttons to modify the current
stage. You will need to push the MODIFY button
again to resume the breadmaking cycle.
Previewing Menus and Favourite Recipes
1. You can preview any program prior to
beginning the breadmaking process by pressing
the MODIFY button. Continuously press the
MODIFY button to scroll through all stages.
2. To exit from previewing a Menu or Favourite
Recipes press the CANCEL button. This will
automatically return you to the beginning of
the current Menu or Favourite Recipes.