Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

Each ingredient in a loaf of bread plays a specific
role, so it is extremely important to measure the
ingredients correctly to get the best results.
Note: For optimum results, we recommend
weighing ingredients on a kitchen scale. This is
especially important with flour. Because flour
aerates, an accurate amount is needed to achieve
an optimum loaf of bread.
Weight measurements are given for each recipe.
If kitchen scales are not available, use the
measuring cup and measuring spoon provided and
ensure these instructions are followed:
Dry ingredients
Use a standard metric measuring spoon or
measuring cup. Do not use tableware spoons or
coffee cups and level off. For flour simply spoon
the flour loosely into the measuring cup and level
off with a flat knife. Do not pack dry ingredients
down into the cup or tap the cup unless otherwise
stated in the recipe.
Fill a standard metric measuring spoon or
measuring cup to the level indicated. Check your cup
surface and reading the measurement at eye level.
Solid fats
Fill a standard metric measuring spoon or
measuring cup to the level indicated and level off
with a flat knife.
Last Things Last!
Always place the liquids in the bread pan first, the
dry ingredients in next, and the yeast in last. This
will ensure a well risen and evenly baked loaf.
Important measuring tips.
In small amounts, salt adds flavour and controls
yeast action. Too much salt inhibits rising, so be
sure to measure amounts correctly. Any ordinary
table salt may be used.
Many breads use fats to enhance the flavour and
retain moisture. Typically, we mostly use margarine
in the recipes; softened butter or oil may be used
in equivalent quantities.
Note: If you choose not to add any fat, your bread
may vary in taste and texture.
Eggs are used in some bread recipes; they provide
liquid, assist with the raising and increases the
nutritional value of the bread. They add extra
flavour and are usually used in the sweeter type of
The Art and Science of Baking Great
Tasting Bread - cont.