Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

To achieve an optimum loaf of bread, always use
fresh, quality ingredients.
Good quality flour should be used.
Highprotein bread flour can also be used.
It is important to weigh the flour required for each
recipe as flour naturally aerates. This will ensure a
perfectly baked loaf.
Bulk packs of flour may be used, however the
result of your bread may vary. The texture and
height of the bread will be inconsistent if the flour
is stored for long periods of time in unsatisfactory
conditions. Purchase bulk packs of flour only if
baking constantly.
Bread mixes
A variety of bread mixes
can be used in your bread maker.
Directions of use are covered in the Recipe
Different brands of yeast, used with different
brands of flour, will influence the size and
texture of your bread. Experiment with these
ingredients to determine which combination of
ingredients gives you the best result.
It is normal for breads to be inconsistent in
height and texture even if you are using the
same ingredients time and time again.
This inconsistency is usually influenced by
the natural varying protein levels of wheat
in the flour.
What Ingredients to use.