Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

The Control Panel.
The control panel on the Ma-baker Pro is
designed to ensure easy use and makes baking a
loaf of bread a pleasure.
The simple to use control panel enables you to
select your desired baking program and features
a large LCD window making it easy to see your
selected menu and the completion time for the
Display Window
The LCD window indicates the program setting
selected from (1) to (12) and the CRUST Colour and
Loaf SIZE.
The display will show the number of hours and
minutes until the cycle is complete - “0:00”.
Press the MENU button to select automatic
breadmaking menus from (1) to (12). Each of these
menu settings are explained further on page 11
Each time you press the MENU button it cycles
through the menus from (1) to (12).
The default menu when the breadmaker is turned
on is MENU 1.
Press the CRUST button to select the desired crust
colour - Light, Medium or Dark.
The default setting is Medium.
Press the SIZE button to select the loaf size - 750g,
1.0kg or 1.25kg (1.5kg).
A 1.5kg loaf size is achieved by simply utilising the
1.25kg setting. See page 29 for more information.
The default setting is 1.0kg.
Favourite Recipes
Press the RECIPE button ( ) to cycle through
your saved favourite recipes, the BOOK icon will
be displayed on the LCD. If you have not saved any
recipes these will be empty and the LCD window
will read “0:00”.
Allows you to create your own recipes, or modify
your program during the cycle. This button must
be held for 2 seconds to activate any modifications.
If modifying your program during baking this
button acts as a Pause button, and must be pressed
again to continue the cycle.
Allows you to save your favourite programs that
you have modified to suit your own personal
tastes. When a menu is saved it is indicated by a
beep from the control panel.
Allows you to delay the completion of your
desired program up to 15 hours, or use it during
programming to adjust the time of the current
stage of your breadmaking cycle by pressing the
+/- ( / ) buttons.
This button allows you to instantly cancel out of
programming or cancel the breadmaking process.
Once you have pressed this button it returns you to
the beginning of the current cycle.
Control Panel