Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

Using your Ma-baker Pro Safely 4-5
Features of your Ma-baker Pro 6-7
The Control Panel including baking progress monitor 8-9
Baking Process Monitor 9
Quick reference Help Card 10
Menu Settings 11-12
Using Your Ma-baker Pro 13
Easy to follow steps to baking with the Ma-baker Pro 14
The Art and Science of Baking Great Tasting Bread 15-16
Important Measuring Tips 16
Fruit and Nut Dispenser 17
The Baking Process 17
Programming your Ma-baker Pro 18-20
How to use the Time Delay 21
Power Interruption Program Protection 21
What Ingredients to use 22
Handy Hints to a better loaf 23
Care and Cleaning 24
Help Guide 25
Recipes 26-73
The Time Cycle Chart 74-75
Program Setting Times and Display Information 76
Troubleshooting 77-78
Questions and Answers 79-80