Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

Gluten Free Breads.
We understand the importance of a staple food such as bread in a gluten intolerant individuals diet.
Realising that there have been breadmakers on the market that do not deliver
a suitable Gluten Free loaf, our objective, with the
advanced technology of the Ma-Baker Pro, was to develop a recipe that produced a real result.
So all you have to do is simply add the ingredients, press a button and leave the
rest up to the .Ma-baker Pro
Baking a successful Gluten Free loaf takes practice and a better understanding of the different ingredients.
In order to help you along the path to a perfect Gluten Free loaf we have included
some handy hints and ingredient information that you should read before attempting to bake your
Gluten Free loaf.
Handy Hints
For optimum results carefully follow the instructions for each recipe.
All the our Gluten Free recipes can be frozen and will keep well.
To ensure that all the ingredients have combined sufficiently, you may need to assist the kneading
cycle. When baking your first few loaves you should inspect the dough texture approximately 5
minutes into the knead. If there is any unmixed dry ingredients use a plastic spatula and scrape down
the sides of the baking pan, and mix in the same direction as the blade is rotating.
Do not use the Time Delay setting when making Gluten Free bread as some ingredients are perishable
and may spoil.
Allow the bread to cool completely before slicing.
It is normal for Gluten Free bread to be heavy and slightly dense in texture. These breads should be
at least 10-12cm in height and rich in flavour. For a lighter loaf you may reduce the salt quantity
Weigh all ingredients, including water for best results.
Use metric measures for all dry ingredients.
When using vinegar never use malt vinegar.
Remove the baking pan from the baking chamber immediately after the bake cycle is completed.
Never leave in for the Keep Warm function.
Leave bread in the baking pan for approximately 7 minutes before removing onto a cooling rack.
A blend of flours will give a better result and assist in browning.
When using only rice flour you will get a pale crust on top, regardless of the cooking time.
Both fine and course white rice flour works well.
If using rice flour only you find your bread will go stale quicker when compared to using a blend of
flours. The addition of oil will help keep the bread fresh for longer.