Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90 Operating Procedures
Section 6 Operating Procedures
Equipment Set Up
Evaluate the condition of lights and screen messages
(Hard Lock or Soft Lock, etc.) before performing
opening procedures. If all four LED’s on the front of the
unit are lit, the unit is locked. (See Figure 1.)
Figure 1
Freezing Cylinder Assembly --
Shake Side
“OFF ” POSITION. Failure to do so may cause injury
from hazardous moving parts, or electrocution.
Be certain your hands are sanitized before
assembling the freezer.
With the parts tray available for the shake side:
Step 1
To install the drive shaft, lubricate the groove and shaft
portion that comes in contact with the bearing on the
beater drive shaft. Slide the seal over the shaft and
groove until it snaps into place. DO NOT lubricate the
square end of the drive shaft. Fill the inside portion of
the seal with 1/4” more lubricant and evenly lubricate
the end of the seal that fits onto the rear shell bearing.
(See Figure 2.)
Note: When lubricating parts, use an approved food
grade lubricant (example: Taylor Lube HP).
Figure 2
Install the drive shaft through the rear shell bearing i n
the freezing cylinder and engage the square end firmly
into the gear box coupling. Be sure the drive shaft fits
into the drive coupling without binding. (See Figure 3.)
Figure 3