Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90Important: Operator Checklist
Winter Storage
If the place of business is to be closed during the winter
months, it is important to protect the freezer by
following certain precautions, particularly if the
building is to be left unheated and subject to freezing
Disconnect the freezer from the main power source to
prevent possible e lectrical damage.
On water cooled freezers, disconnect the water
supply. Use air pressure to blow out any water
remaining i n the condensers. This is extremely
important. Failure to follow this procedure may cause
severe and costly damage to the refrigeration system.
Your local Taylor Distributor can perform this service
for you.
Wrap detachable parts of the freezer such as beater
assembly and freezer door, and place in a protected
dry place. Rubber trim parts and gaskets can be
protected by wrapping with moisture--proof paper. All
parts should be thoroughly cleaned of dried mix or
lubrication accumulations which attract mice and other