Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90 Operating Procedures
Rinse these parts in cool, clean water. Prepare a small
amount of an approved cleaning solution (examples:
Kay--5R or Stera--SheenR). USE WARM WATER
FICATIONS and brush clean the parts. Place the
design cap on a clean, dry surface to air--dry overnight
or until the heating cycle is complete.
Prepare a small amount of an approved 100 PPM
sanitizing solution in WARM WATER AND FOLLOW
sanitize the agitator and hopper cover.
Step 3
Important: Install the agitator back onto the
agitator drive shaft housing. Replace the hopper
cover .
Step 4
Return to the freezer with a small amount of cleaning
solution. Dip the door spout brush into the cleaning
solution and brush clean the door spout and bottom of
the draw valve. (See Figure 73.)
Note: To assure sanitary conditions are maintained,
brush each item for a total of 60 seconds, repeatedly
dipping the brush in cleaning solution.
Figure 7 3
Remove, clean and reinstall the long drip pan through
the front panel and the two short d rip pans in the rear
panel. (See Figure 74.)
Figure 7 4
Remove, clean and reinstall the two notched drip pans
in the left and right side panels. (See Figure 75.)
Figure 7 5
Rinse a single service towel in cleaning solution and
wipe down the freezer door and the area around the
bottom of the freezer door.
Note: Oncethe heating cycle has started, it cannot be
interrupted. The heating cycle will take a maximum of
4 hours to complete with full hoppers.