Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90 Operating Procedures
Step 3
Return to the freezer with a small amount of sanitizing
solution. With a pail below the door spout, dip the door
spout brush into the sanitizing solution and brush clean
the syrup ports in the freezer door , door spout, bottom
of the driven spinner and spinner blade, and syrup line
fittings. (See Figure 77.)
Note: To assure sanitary conditions are maintained,
brush clean each item for a total of 60 seconds,
repeatedly dipping the b rush in sanitizing solution.
Figure 7 7
With the syrup port brush, b rush each syrup port hole
10 to 15 times. Dip the brush in sanitizing solution
before b rushing each port. See Figure 78.)
Figure 7 8
Fill the squeeze bottle with sanitizing solution. With a
pail beneath the door, insert the adapter end of the
squeeze bottle into the syrup port, and squeeze the
bottle firmly. This action will force solution out of the
adjacent port and down around the spinner. This
procedure should be performed for at least 10seconds
per port. (See Figure 79.)
Figure 7 9
Install the restrictor cap on the freezer door spout.
(See Figure 80.) Rinse a single service towel (clean,
sanitized towel directly removed from the sanitizer
bucket) in sanitizing solution, and wipe down the
freezer door and area around the bottom of the freezer
door. Install the shake cup holder.
Figure 8 0