Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90 Operating Procedures
Priming -- Shake Side
Note: Evaluate t he condition of LED’ s (lights) and
screen messages before performing priming
procedures. If all 4 LED’s ar e f lashing, the unit is
Step 1
With a mix pail beneath the door spout, open the draw
valve. Pour 2--1/2 gallons (9.5 liters) of FRESH mix
into the mix hopper and allow it to flow into the freezing
cylinder. This will force out any remaining sanitizing
solution. When full strength mix is flowing from the
door spout, close the draw valve.
Step 2
When mix stops bubbling down into the freezing
cylinder, insert the mix feed tube. Remove the cotter
pin from the outlet fitting of the mix pump. Insert the
outlet end of the mix feed tube into the mix inlet hole
in the mix hopper. Place the inlet end of the mix feed
tube into the outlet fitting of the mix pump. Secure with
cotter pin. (See Figure 62.)
Figure 6 2
Step 3
Install the shake cup holder . (See Figure 63.)
Figure 6 3
Step 4
Press the AUT O keypad. (See Figure 64.)
Figure 6 4
Note: This procedure should b e done 3--4 hours
before the first shake is served, to build up ice crystals.
Step 5
Fill the hopper with fresh mix and place the mix hopper
cover in position.
Note: Use only FRESH mix whenpriming the freezer .