Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90 Operating Procedures
Step 3
When ready to resume normal operation, press the
AUTO keypad. (See Figure 84.)
Note: This procedure should be done 15 minutes
before p roduct is e xpected to be served.
Figure 8 4
Syrup System
T wo main objectives in your opening procedures must
be to: (1) fill the syrup tanks, and (2) calibrate the syrup
flow . This must be checked daily to insure the high
quality shake you desire.
Discard syrup weekly and flush syrup lines at least
once a week. This will prevent syrup clogging the lines
and will break the bacteria chain. See page 60 to
sanitize the syrup system.
The syrup tanks are located in the lower front syrup
compartment. The syrup lines are color spiral
wrapped. Be sure to match the color wrapped syrup
line to the correct syrup flavor. (See Figure 85.)
Figure 8 5
Note: Vanilla and strawberry syrup lines use
restrictors a t the syrup tank quick disconnect
connection to maintain proper calibration. If thin
viscosity syrups are used i n the special tank, i t will be
necessary t o install a restrictor in the syrup line
Unscrew the quick disconnect from the elbow portion
of the syrup line. Make sure the o--ring rests on the end
of the quick disconnect fitting. Place the restrictor on
top of the o--ring and screw the quick disconnect back
onto the syrup line.
Step 1
Filling the syrup tanks: Pull back on the collar of the
quick disconnect fitting for the air line. Allow the air
pressure to escape from the syrup tank. (See
Figure 86.)
Figure 8 6
Disconnect the syrup line a fter you have disconnected
the air line. (See Figure 87.)
Figure 8 7