Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90Operating Procedures
Remove the syrup tank from the compartment.
Remove the syrup tank lid by lifting up on the l ocking
lever . Fill the syrup tank with syrup to the indicating
mark on the label. DO NOT overfill the tanks. (See
Figure 88.)
Figure 8 8
Replace the tank lid, match and connect the spiral
wrapped syrup line to the syrup tank. Connect the air
line to the syrup tank.
Repeat this procedure for all syrup tanks.
Step 2
Calibrating the syrup flow must be done on a daily
basis. It is vital that the correct amount of syrup be
incorporated into the mix to obtain aquality shake. The
cause of too thin shakes is often too much syrup. The
cause of too thick shakes is often too little syrup.
To determine the rate of syrup flow, you will need a
syrup sampler and a calibration cup indicating fluid
ounces. The proper rate of syrup flow is 1 fl. oz. (30 ml.)
of syrup in 5 seconds. Once this rate is set, the correct
amount of syrup will be blended with the shake base
regardless o f the size of shake s erved. (See
Figure 89.)
Figure 8 9
Install the syrup sampler to the fitting on one of the
syrup lines. (See Figure 90.)
Figure 9 0
Push the corresponding flavor button for that syrup
flavor. (See Figure 91.)
Figure 9 1
Hold an empty courtesy cup beneath the exit point of
the syrup line. Press the CAL keypad (calibrate). A
message will appear on the LCD. (See Figure 92.)
C A L -- -- -- S T O P
Figure 9 2