Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Troubleshooting Guide Model PH9065
Problem Shake Side
Probable Cause
Soft Serve Side
Probable Cause
Either Side
Probable Cause
Corrective Action Page
4. No product is
being dispensed.
d. Beater motor is
out on reset.
d. Clear the tone. Allow the beater
motor to cool. Place the power
switch to OFF. Press the reset
button firmly, place the power
switch to ON and press the
W ASH keypad. Open the side
access panel and observe that
the drive shaft is turning
CLOCKWISE as viewed from
the front of the machine. Press
the AUTO keypad to return to
the AUTO mode. If the beater
motor should go OFF on reset
again, call service technician.
e. Air/mix pump is
assembled or
e. Follow assembly procedures
f. Missing or
installed spring
and poppet in
air/mix pump.
f. Replace or correctly install the
spring and poppet on the mix
inlet fitting.
g. The mix pump ball
crank is broken.
g. Call service technician.
-- -- --
h. The pump motor
is not activated.
h. Push the reset button. The draw
valve must be fully raised to
activate the pump motor.
-- -- --