Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90Operating Procedures
Step 5
Slide the o--r ing into the groove on the pivot pin and
lubricate. (See Figure 31.)
Figure 3 1
Install the draw handle. Slide the fork of the draw
handle in the slot of the draw valve. Secure with p ivot
pin. (See Figure 32.)
Figure 3 2
Note: The soft serve side features an adjustable draw
handle to provide portion control, giving a better
consistent quality to your product and controlling
costs. The draw handle should be adjusted to provide
a flow rate of 5 to 7--1/2 oz. (142 g. to 213 g.) of product
by weight per 10 seconds. To INCREASE the flow rate,
turn the adjustment screw COUNTER--CLOCK WISE
and CLOCKWISE to DECREASE the flow rate.
IMPORTANT: Once the draw rate is
set, tighten the lock nut with a wrench.
Step 6
Snap the design cap over the bottom of the door spout.
(See Figure 33.)
Figure 3 3
Step 7
Slide the long drip pan into the hole in the front panel
above the syrup topping dispensers. (See Figure 34.)
Slide the two shorter drip pans into the holesin the rear
Figure 3 4