Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90 Safety
Section 3 Safety
We at Taylor Company are concerned about the safety
of the operator when he or she comes in contact with
the freezer and its parts. Taylor has gone to extreme
efforts to design and manufacture built--in safety
features to protect both you and the service technician.
As an example, warning labels have been attached to
the freezer to further point out safety precautions to the
IMPORTANT -- Fail ure to adhere to the
following safety precautions may result in severe
personal injury or death. Failure to comply with
these warnings may damage the machine and its
components. Component damage will result in
part replacement expense and service repair
DO NOT operate the freezer without reading
this Operator Manual. Failure to follow this instruction
may result i n equipment damage, poor freezer
performance, health hazards, or personal injury.
Per IEC 60335--1 and its part 2 standards,
“This appliance is to be used only by trained personnel.
It is not intended for use by children or people with
reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless given
supervision or instruction concerning the use of the
appliance by a person responsible for their safety.”
This unit is provided with an equipotential
grounding lug that is to be properly attached to the rear
of the frame by the authorized installer. The installation
location is marked by the equipotential bonding
symbol (5021 of IEC 60417-1) on both the removable
panel and the equipment’s frame.
DO NOT use a water jet to clean or rinse the
freezer. Failure to follow these instructions may result
in serious electrical shock.
S DO NOT operate the freezer unless it is
properly grounded.
S DO NOT operate the freezer with larger
fuses than specified on the freezer data
S All repairs must be performed by a n
authorized Taylor service technician. The
main power supplies to the machine must
be disconnected prior to performing any
S Cord Connected Units: Only Taylor
authorized service technicians may install a
plug on this unit.
S Stationary appliances which are not
equipped with a power cord and a plug or
another device to disconnect the appliance
from the power source must have a n all-pole
disconnecting device with a contact gap of
at least 3 mm installed in the external
S Appliances that are permanently connected
to fixed wiring and for which leakage
currents may exceed 10 mA, particularly
when disconnected, not used for long
periods, or during initial installation, shall
have protective devices such as a GFI to
protect against the leakage of current,
installed by authorized personnel to the local
S Supply cords used with this unit shall be
oil-resistant, sheathed flexible cable, not
lighter than ordinary polychloroprene or
other equivalent synthetic
elastomer-sheathed cord (Code designation
60245 IEC 57) installed with the proper cord
anchorage to relieve conductors from strain,
including twisting, at the terminals and
protect the insulation of the conductors from
Failure to follow these instructions may result in
electrocution. Contact your local authorized Taylor
Distributor for service.