Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90 Operating Procedures
Sanitizing -- Soft Serve Side
Step 1
Prepare a pail of approved 100 PPM sanitizing solution
(examples: 2--1/2 gal. [9.5 liters] of Kay--5R or 2 gal.
[7.6 liters] of Stera--SheenR). USE WARM WATER
Step 2
Pour the sanitizing solution over all parts in the bottom
of the mix hopper and allow it to flow into the freezing
Note: You have just sanitized the mix hopper and
parts; therefore, be sure your hands are clean and
sanitized before going on in these instructions.
While the solution is flowing into the freezing cylinder ,
take particular care to brush clean the mix level
sensing probes, the mix hopper, mix inlet hole, the
outside of the agitator drive shaft housing, the agitator,
the air/mix pump, pump clip, mix feed tube and cotter
Step 3
Prepare one more pail of sanitizing solution, per
instructions in Step 1.
Step 4
Install the pump assembly at the rear of the mix
hopper. To position the pump on the drive hub, align
the drive hole in the piston with the drive crank of the
drive shaft. Secure the pump in place by slipping the
pump clip over the collar of the pump, making sure the
clip fits into the g rooves in the collar. (See Figure 57.)
Figure 5 7
Step 5
Pour the 2 gallons (7.6 liters) of sanitizing solution into
the mix hopper.
Step 6
Push one end of the vinyl sanitizing tube onto the air
inlet tube for the pump. Be sure the free end is
submerged in the sanitizing solution in the hopper.
(See Figure 58.)
Figure 5 8
Step 7
Brush the exposed sides of the hopper. Wait at least
5 minutes before proceeding with these instructions.
Step 8
Press the WASH keypad. This willcause the sanitizing
solution in the freezing cylinder to be agitated.
Step 9
With a pail beneath the door spout, open the draw
valve and press the PUMP keypad. Open and close
Open the draw valve and draw off 2 quarts (1.9 liters)
of sanitizing solution. Remove the vinyl sanitizing tube
from t he air/mix pum p and draw off the remaining
sanitizing solution.