Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90 Operating Procedures
Install the two notched drip pans in the left and right
side panels. (See Figure 35.)
Figure 3 5
Step 8
Install the front drip tray and splash shield under the
door spouts. (See Figure 36.)
Figure 3 6
Mix Hopper Assembly
To assemble t he mix hopper for both sides of the
freezer, the steps will be the same. Therefore, first
assemble the shake mix hopper , then go back and
duplicate these procedures for the soft serve mix
With the parts trays available:
Step 1
Inspect the rubber pump parts. The check rings and
o--rings must be in 100% good condition for the pump
and entire unit to operate properly. Check rings and
o--rings cannot properly serve their intended functions
if nicks, cuts, or holes in the material are present. The
rubber poppet must also be in good condition.
Refer to page 75 for the normal replacement
schedule. Replac e any defective par ts immediately
and discard the old.
Step 2
Assemble the piston. Slide the o--ring into the groove
of the piston. DO NOT lubricate this o--ring. (See
Figure 37.)
Figure 3 7
Step 3
Assemble the valve body. Slide two large and one
small o--r ing, and two large and one small check ring
into their respective grooves on the valve body. (See
Figure 38.)
Figure 3 8