Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90To the Operator
Section 2 To the Operator
The freezer you have purchased has been carefully
engineered and manufactured to give you dependable
operation. The Taylor Model PH90, when properly
operated and cared for, will produce a consistent
quality product. Like all mechanical products, this
machine will require cleaning and maintenance. A
minimum amount of care and attention is necessary if
the operating procedures outlined in this manual are
followed closely.
This Operator’s Manual should be read before
operating or performing any maintenance on your
Your Model PH90 will NOT eventually compensate
and correct for any errors during the set--u p or filling
operations. Thus, the initial assembly and priming
procedures are of extreme importance. It is strongly
recommended that personnel responsible for the
equipment’ s operation, both assembly and
disassembly, study these procedures in order to be
properly trained and to make sure that no
misunderstandings exist.
In the event you should require technical assistance,
please contact your local authorized Ta ylor Distributor .
Note: Wa rranty is valid only if the parts are authorized
Taylor parts, purchased from an authorized Taylor
Distributor, and the required service work is provided
by an authorized Ta ylor service technician. Taylor
reserves the right to deny warranty claims o n
equipment or parts if non--appr oved parts or
refrigerant were installed in the machine, system
modifications were performed beyond factory
recommendations, or it is determined that the failure
was caused by neglect or abuse.
Note: Constant research results in steady
improvements; therefore, information in this
manual is subject to change without notice.
If the crossed out wheeled bin symbol is
affixed to this product, it signifies that this product is
compliant with the EU Directive as well as other similar
legislation in effect after August 13, 2005. Therefore,
it must be collected separately after its use is
completed, and cannot be disposed as unsorted
municipal waste.
The user is responsible for returning the product to the
appropriate collection facility, as specified by your local
For additional information regarding applicable local
laws, please contact the municipal facility and/or local
Compressor Warranty Disclaimer
The refrigeration compressor(s) on this machine are
warranted for the term indicated on the warranty card
accompanying this machine. However, due to the
Montreal Protocol and the U.S. Clean Air Act
Amendments of 1990, many new refrigerants are
being tested and developed, thus seeking their way
into the service industry. S ome of these new
refrigerants are being advertised as drop--i n
replacements for numerous applications. It should be
noted that, in the event of ordinary service to this
machine’s refrigeration system, only the refrigerant
specified on the affixed data label should beused.
The unauthorized use of alternate refrigerants willvoid
your compressor warranty. It will be the owner’s
responsibility to make this fact known to any technician
he employs.
It should also be noted that Taylor does not warrant the
refrigerant used in its equipment. For example, if the
refrigerant is lost during the course of ordinary service
to this machine, Taylor has no obligation to either
supply or provide its replacement either at billable or
unbillable terms. Taylor does have the obligation to
recommend a suitable replacement if the original
refrigerant is banned, obsoleted, or no longer available
during the five year warranty of the compressor.
The Taylor Company will continue to monitor the
industry and test new alternates as they are being
developed. Should a new alternate prove, through our
testing, that it would be accepted as a drop--in
replacement, then the above d isclaimer would
become null and void. To find out the current status of
an alternate refrigerant as it relates to your
compressor warranty, call the local Taylor Distributor
or the Taylor Factory. Be prepared to provide the
Model/Serial Number of the unit in question.