Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90 Operating Procedures
Step 2
Assemble the freezer door. Place the door gasket
into the groove o n the back of the freezer door . Slide
the front bearing over the baffle rod so the flanged
edge is against the door. DO NOT lubricate the gasket
or bearing. (See Figure 26.)
Figure 2 6
Step 3
Install the freezer door. Insert the baffle rod through
the beater in the freezing cylinder. With the door
seated on the freezer studs, install the handscrews.
T ighten equally in a criss--c ross pattern to insure the
door is snug. (See Figure 27.)
Figure 2 7
Step 4
Install the draw valve. Slide the 3 o--r ings into the
grooves on the draw valve and lubricate. (See
Figure 28.)
Figure 2 8
Lubricate the inside of the freezer door spout, top and
bottom. (See Figure 29.)
Figure 2 9
Insert the draw valve from the bottom until the slot in
the draw valve comes into view. (See Figure 30.)
Figure 3 0