Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90Operating Procedures
Attach the syrup lines to the freezer door . Insert the
syrup line fitting into the syrup port in the freezer door.
The flat side of the syrup line fitting must be aligned
with the pin in the syrup port. Rotate the syrup line
fitting upward to l ock i n place. (See Figure 97.)
Figure 9 7
Note: Whenever a particular syrup line is not used,
the syrup hole plug found in the spare parts kit must be
installed. Place the syrup hole plug o--ring into the
groove of the syrup hole plug and lubricate. Align the
flat portion of the syrup hole plug with the locking pin
in the open syrup port of the freezer door. Insert the
syrup hole plug and turn slightly to lock in place.
Step 5
Clean the calibration cup and syrup sampler.
This Procedure Must be Performed Daily!
Syrup Pump
Syrup Pump Disassembly
Before the first use, and after use daily, disassemble
and clean the pump.
Step 1
Flush and rinse the pump in a container of warm water.
Place the lower end of the pump into the water
container. Operate the pump until only warm water
flows from the discharge tube.
Step 2
Remove the pump from the c ontainer of water for
Step 3
Remove the plunger assembly from the pump body by
turning the plunger nut counterclockwise. (See
Figure 98.)
Figure 9 8
Step 4
To remove the knob, compress the spring toward the
knob, using the washer. Compress it enough to grab
onto the plunger with your hand for support. Begin
removing the knob with your other hand.
(See Figure 99.)
Figure 9 9
Step 5
Remove the knob o--r ing.
Step 6
Remove the plunger nut from the plunger tube.