Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90Operating Procedures
Step 10
With a pail beneath the door spout, open the draw
valve and press the PUMP keypad. Open and close
the draw valve six times.
Open the draw valve and draw off 2 quarts (1.9 liters)
of sanitizing solution. Remove the vinyl sanitizing tube
from t he air/mix pum p and draw off the remaining
sanitizing solution.
Step 11
Press the WASH and PUMP keypads and close the
draw valve. (See Figure 55.)
Figure 5 5
Note: Be sure your hands are clean and sanitized
before going on in these instructions.
Step 12
Place the agitator on the agitator drive shaft housing.
(See Figure 56.)
Note: To stop agitator movement, press the CAL
keypad. The agitator will continue movement after 10
seconds have elapsed.
Figure 5 6
Note: If the agitator paddle should stop turning during
normal operation, with sanitized hands, remove the
agitator from the agitator drive shaft housingand brush
clean with sanitizing solution. Install the agitator back
onto the agitator drive shaft housing. Press the CAL
keypad to stop rotation.
Step 13
Stand the mix feed tube in the corner of the mix hopper.
Place the cotter pin in position in the outlet fitting of the
Step 14
Remove the restrictor cap.
Step 15
Return to the freezer with a small amount of sanitizing
solution. With a pail below the door spout, dip the door
spout brush into the sanitizing solution and brush clean
the syrup ports in the freezer door , door spout, bottom
of the driven spinner and spinner blade, and syrup line
Note: To assure sanitary conditions are maintained,
brush clean each item for a total of 60 seconds,
repeatedly dipping the b rush in sanitizing solution.
With the syrup port brush, b rush each syrup port hole
10 to 15 times. Dip the brush in sanitizing solution
before b rushing each port.
Fill the squeeze bottle with sanitizing solution. With a
pail beneath the door, insert the adapter end of the
squeeze bottle into the syrup port, and squeeze the
bottle firmly. This action will force solution out of the
adjacent port and down around the spinner. This
procedure should be performed for at least 10seconds
per port.
Install the restrictor cap.