Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Troubleshooting GuideModel PH90 70
Problem Shake Side
Probable Cause
Soft Serve Side
Probable Cause
Either Side
Probable Cause
Corrective Action Page
15. Spinner shaft will
not rotate to blend
mix and syrup.
a. Flexible coupling
is broken.
a. Call service technician.
-- -- --
b. Pin is missing in
quick disconnect
of spinner
b. Call service technician.
-- -- --
c. Spinner motor is
out on thermal
c. Allow the spinner motor to cool.
Also check lubrication o n
spinner shaft. Properly align the
motor and lubricate properly.
16. Large pressure
adjustments are
necessary to
receive 1 fl. oz.
a. Hardened syrup in
syrup lines.
a. Clean and sanitize weekly.
b. Syrup and air
lines are not
b. Match color spiral air and syrup
line to correct syrup tank.
c. Plugged restrictor
in vanilla or
strawberry syrup
line connection at
the syrup tank.
c. Clean the restrictor. Remove
the air line from the syrup tank.
Remove the syrup line (vanilla
or strawberry) from the syrup
tank. Disassemble and pull the
restrictor out of the female quick
disconnect of the syrup line,
and clean.
-- -- --