Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90 Important: Operator Checklist
Section 7 Important: Operator Checklist
During Cleaning and Sanitizing
Cleaning and sanitizing schedules are governed by
your State or local regulatory agencies and must be
followed accordingly. The following check points
should be stressed during the cleaning and sanitizing
Troubleshooting Bacterial Count
j 1. Thoroughly clean and sanitize machine
regularly, including complete disassembly and
brush cleaning.
j 2. Use all brushes supplied for thorough cleaning.
The brushes are specially designed to reach all
mix passageways.
j 3. Use the white bristle brush to clean the mix inlet
hole which extends from the mix hopper down
to the rear of the freezing cylinder .
j 4. Use the black bristle brush to thoroughly clean
the rear shell bearing located at the rear of the
freezing cylinder and the drive hub opening in
the rear wall of the mix hopper. Be sure to have
a generous amount of cleaning solution on the
j 5. Properly prepare the cleaning and sanitizing
solutions. Read and follow label directions
carefully. Too strong of a solution may damage
the parts and too weak of a solution will not do
an adequate job of cleaning or sanitizing.
j 6. Empty all syrup from the tanks and discard at
least once a week.
j 7. Thoroughly clean and sanitize the syrup lines at
least once a week.
j 8. Temperature of mix in mix hopper and walk--in
cooler should be below 40_F. (4.4_C.).
j 9. Discard remaining mix from freezer during
“Manual Brush Cleaning”.
Regular Maintenance Checks
j 1. Rotate scraper blades to allow both sides of the
knife edge to wear evenly. This will contribute to
self--s harpening and helpmaintain fast, efficient
j 2. Replace blades that are bent, damaged, or
j 3. Before installing beater, be certain that scraper
blades are properly attached over the beater
j 4. Dispose o f o--rings and seals that are worn, torn
or fit too loosely, and replace with new ones.
j 5. Check rear shell bearing for signs of wear
(excessive mix leakage in rear drip pan) and be
certain it i s properly cleaned.
j 6. Using a screwdriver and cloth towel, keep the
rear shell bearing and the female drive socket
clean and free of lubricant and mix deposits.
j 7. Follow all lubricating procedures as outlined in
j 8. On air cooled units, Check the condensers and
air filters for accumulation of dirt and lint. Dirty
condensers or air filters will reduce the
efficiency and capacity of the machine.
Condensers and filters should be cleaned
monthly. The air filters can be removed from
the rear of the freezer andbrought to the sink for
cleaning. Use a soft brush to clean between the
fins of the condensers. Never use screwdrivers
or other metal probes to clean between the fins.
j 9. On water cooled units, check the water lines for
kinks or leaks. Kinks can occur when the
machine is moved back and forth for cleaning or
maintenance purposes. Deteriorated or
cracked water lines should be replaced only by
an authorized Taylor mechanic.