Taylor 047772-M Freezer User Manual

Model PH90Operating Procedures
Check scraper blades for any nicks or signs of wear.
If any nicks are p resent, replace the blades.
Note: Scraper blades s hould be replaced every 6
If blades are in good condition, place each scraper
blade over the holding pins on the beater assembly.
(See Figure 4.)
Figure 4
Note: The holes in the scraper blade must fit over the
pins to prevent damage.
Holding the blades on the beater assembly, insert the
drive shaft of the beater assembly through the rear
shell bearing in the freezing cylinder and engage the
square end firmly into the drive coupling. (See
Figure 5 .)
Note: When properly seated, the beater will not
protrude beyond the front of the freezing cylinder.
Figure 5
Step 2
Assemble the freezer door. Place the freezer door
o--ring into the groove on the back of the freezer door.
DO NOT lubricate the o--ring. Lubricate the outside
diameter of the front bearing. Slide the front bearing
into the door hub. (See Figure 6.)
Figure 6
Step 3
Install the freezer door. Position the freezer door on
the 4 studs on the front of the freezing cylinder . Install
the handscrews. Tighten equally in a criss--c ross
pattern to insure the door is snug. Do not
over--tighten. (See Figure 7 .)
Figure 7