Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Questions and Answers
Technical Specifications
Rated Voltage: 230-240 V 50 Hz
Operating Frequency: 2,450 MHz
Input Power: Max 2840 W
Microwave 1300 W
Grill 1560 W
Convection 1330 W
Output Power: 1000 W (IEC-705)
Grill 1500 W
Convection 1250 W
Outer Dimensions: 530 mm (W) x 508 mm (D) x 344 mm (H)
Oven Cavity Dimensions: 350 mm (W) x 367 mm (D) x 250 mm (H)
Weight: 20.5 kg
Weight and Dimensions are approximate.
Q My microwave oven causes interference with my TV, is
this normal?
A Some radio and TV interference might occur when you
cook with the microwave oven. This interference is similar
to the interference caused by small appliances such as
mixers, vacuums, hair dryers, etc. It does not indicate a
problem with your oven.
Q Sometimes warm air comes from the oven vents. Why? A The heat given off from the cooking food warms the air in
the oven cavity. This warmed air is carried out of the oven
by the air flow pattern in the oven. There isn’t an airtight
seal to the air therefore steam can escape. There are no
microwaves in the air, or steam. The oven vents should
never be blocked during cooking.
Q My oven has an odour and generates smoke when using
A It is essential that your oven is wiped out regularly
particularly after cooking by COMBINATION or GRILL.
Any fat and grease that builds up will begin to smoke if
not cleaned.