Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Combination 2. Grill and Microwave
This Combination mode is suitable for
foods which are normally grilled and for
reheating small savoury items.
Do not use this programme with less
than 200 g (7 oz) of food.
It is necessary to preheat when using
this Combination mode and food
should always be cooked uncovered.
Grill 1 - HIGH
Grill 2 - MEDIUM
Grill 3 - LOW
To Preheat Grill
• Press Combination Pad. Select Grill Power. Press
once for Grill 1 (High), twice
for Grill 2 (Medium) or three
times for Grill 3 (Low).
Select Microwave Power.
Keep pressing this pad until
the power you require
appears in the display
window. Options available
depend on Grill Power
Press Start to preheat. “P”
will appear in display
window. When grill is
preheated “P” will flash and
oven will bleep. Just open
the door and place food
NOTE: If you preheat the Grill as shown above the Microwave Power will not operate until the time pads are entered.
* After preheating just open the oven door and place food inside. Do not press Stop/Cancel Pad as you may cancel the programme, then if time
is entered the oven would revert to cooking on Microwave only.
• Press to enter required cooking time. 10 sec. pad is inoperable. • Press Start Pad.
The oven will automatically work on HIGH Microwave Power if a cooking time is entered without the power level
previously being selected.