Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Vegetables and Vegetarian
Root vegetables. i.e. carrots, swede,
should be cut into slices, strips or cubes.
Do not mix fresh and frozen vegetables
as the cooking times may be different.
Cabbage should be shredded and
cooked by power and time.
Fresh vegetables require 90 ml (6 tbsp)
of water. For each extra 450 g (1 lb) add
an extra 90 ml (6 tbsp) of water and stir
If cooking potatoes with other vegetables,
only cook with other ROOT vegetables.
Never add salt to vegetables before
microwaving. Remember the flavour of
microwaved vegetables is much better
than boiled.
Always cook vegetables in a dish that is
a suitable size. Use flat dishes not
basins. Always cover with microwave
cling film or a lid.
Certain vegetables i.e. broccoli and
asparagus, should be arranged so that
the tips are in the centre of the dish, as
these require less cooking.
Whole cauliflower should be cooked
upside down on MEDIUM power for
10 mins. approx. with 90 ml (6 tbsp)
Jacket Potatoes
Varieties of potatoes vary in their
suitability for cooking by microwave. We
recommend Maris Piper for consistently good
results. The cooking times given may need
adjustment for other varieties. The ideal size
of potato to be cooked by microwave is
175 g - 250 g (6-9 oz).
Before Cooking
Wash potatoes and prick skins several times.
Spread around edge of turntable.
After Cooking
Remove from oven and wrap in aluminium foil
to retain the heat. Leave to stand for 5 mins.