Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Microwave Cooking and Defrosting
When using your oven on MICROWAVE
only, the glass turntable provided must
always be in position. DO NOT attempt
to use microwave only with any metal
accessory in the oven.
DO NOT place food directly onto the
turntable except in the case of Jacket
Potatoes cooked by MICROWAVE only.
Foods reheated or cooked by
MICROWAVE only are normally covered
with a lid or cling film, unless otherwise
Two Stage Cooking:
e.g. High power 10 minutes followed by Simmer power 20 minutes; Select High power and programme 10 minutes then select
second power (Simmer) with second cooking time (20 minutes) then press Start.
Three Stage Cooking:
e.g. High power 5 minutes, Delay 5 minutes, High power 2 minutes; Select first Power level and cooking time, then press
DELAY and time, then select final power level and final cooking time. Then press Start.
Select the desired
programme by pressing pad
once, twice or three times.
Press to select kg, g or lb and
Enter the weight by pressing the
More & Less pads. The
“More” pad will start with the
minimum weight for each
• Press Start.
Auto Defrost
With this feature you can defrost frozen foods according to the weight. Select the category and set the weight of the food. The
weight can be programmed in pounds and ounces or kilogrammes and grams. The weight starts from the minimum weight for
each category.
Programme Weight Range Suitable Foods
1 Bread Items 100 - 800g (4oz - 1lb 12oz) Bread and rolls. Turn at bleep.
2 Small Meat Items 200 - 1200g (7oz - 2lb 10oz) Small pieces of meat, minced meat, chicken portions, steaks, chops. Turn at bleeps.
3 Meat Joints 400 - 2000g (14oz - 4lb 6oz) Whole chicken, meat joints. Turn at bleeps and shield.