Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Press Clock Pad
“SET TIME” will appear in the display window,
and the colon starts to blink.
Press Time Pads
Enter time of day by pressing Time Pads
e.g. 1.25pm (12hr clock).
Press Clock Pad
Colon stops blinking. Time of day is now locked
into the display.
Press once
Select Cooking Time. Press Start.
Press this pad until the power you require
appears in the display window.
Setting the Clock
Microwave Cooking and Defrosting
There are 6 different microwave power levels available.
Selecting Microwave Power Level
1. To reset time of day, repeat step 1 through to step 3.
2. The clock will keep the time of day as long as the oven is plugged in and electricity is supplied.
3. This is a 12 hour clock.
Press five times
Press twice
Press Level Wattage
once High 1000 W
twice Defrost 270 W
3 times Medium 600 W
4 times Low 440 W
5 times Simmer 250 W
6 times Warm 100 W
CAUTION: The oven will automatically work on HIGH microwave power if a
cooking time is entered without the power level previously being selected.
1. Maximum time that can be set on HIGH power is 30 min.
2. On all Power Levels, except HIGH power, the maximum time that can be set is 99 minutes, 90 seconds. The 1h pad is