Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Let’s Start to Use your Oven
1 Plug in
Plug into a 13 amp fused electrical socket. You will be reminded to
read your operating instructions.
2 Press Clock Pad
Set clock as a 12hr clock. Set time using time pads. Press clock pad
again. (See page 15 for details).
Press Convection Pad
(This procedure is to burn off the oil used for rust protection in the
oven.) Keep pressing this pad until 250C is in the display window.
Remove all accessories from the oven.
Press Time Pad
Press 1 min pad until 5 minutes is displayed in the window.
5 Press Start Pad
The time will be displayed in the window and count down. The oven
will beep at the end of the programme. The oven is now ready to
use. Caution: Grill elements and oven will be hot.
6 Demonstration Mode
This is to enable you to experiment setting various programmes. (The
letter D will always appear in the display window. This is to confirm
that there is no microwave power produced and it is safe to use the
oven without any food). To select this mode press the clock pad three
times. “Demo mode press any key” will appear. To cancel press the
clock pad a further three times.
7 Child Lock
To operate the child lock facility press the Start pad three times, this
will deactivate the microwave. “Lock” will appear in the display and
none of the controls will operate. To clear child lock facility press
Stop/Cancel three times.